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Our Portfolio Our portfolio covered multiple platforms and Technologies, Application Services, Collaboration and Content Management System, UI/UX Design, Enterprise Intranet/Internet Portals and Applications.

Agile Workflows (Using MS Flow and Logic Apps)

Created Agile Workflows for SharePoint online with newly introduced features of office 365 i.e. MS Flow and Logic Apps

1. Microsoft Flow

Description: Microsoft flow is a cloud based product that allows users to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services. Automated workflows are called flows. One can create copy of existing flow and reuse it on other sites.

Solution Developed: We have developed solution for multistep approval.

The requestor fills the SharePoint form by providing the metadata details like title, description etc. After request submission an approval email request is sent to the reviewer for his approval/rejection.

An email is also sent to the requestor letting them know that their request has been successfully submitted. A separate folder with the name of the item is created automatically in the different library.

Once the reviewer has approved the request, the request is then sent back to the manager for his approval.

Client side web part using SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Framework is newly introduced feature to overcome drawbacks of SharePoint add-in models.

We have created client side webpart to create dashboard in order to track task status of individual users. Below are some characteristic of developed solution


  • Show consolidated tasks on a single screen for current user
  • Tasks are grouped for each Task Source and also display DueDate and Task Status
  • Take direct action on task from the webpart screen
  • Configure and manage Task Sources
  • Souce based task chart displays the number of tasks from each task source
  • Status based task chart displays the number of tasks in each task status
App building and form customization using PowerApps

Power Apps: PowerApps is a Microsoft product that offers services to build business apps that run in browsers and does not require any coding experience. PowerApps combines visual drag and drop concepts from PowerPoint with Excel like expressions for logic and working with data.

Use Case: Scenarios where there is less customization needed in the SharePoint out of the box form and UI of the form should be visually rich, in those cases Power Apps can be used for customizing the form. Below are some of the characteristics of Power Apps.

PowerApps can also be used in creating simple standalone apps.

The scenario for developed solution is as given below :

Solution Description:

An asset request form has been created through which users will be able to place request for various assets. Users can also view their past asset requests and send a notification email to the approver.

This form is created using Power Apps.

  1. Auto populated user field.
  2. Cascading dropdowns for category and subcategory.
  3. See existing Asset Requests for the requestor.
  4. Search for values in multi select field
  5. Users can send email to approver

Custom Survey using Microsoft Powerapps :-

Key Features
  1. Dynamic question is displaying on Survey Welcome screen.
  2. Proper message is displaying on Survey screen.
  3. Graphical respresentation (Bar and Pie chart view)of survey response.
  4. Survey Question and Survey response list configuration.
Custom Portfolio and Dashboard using Power BI

Power BI: is a business intelligence tool and platform which is used for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. It can help connect disparate data sets, transform and clean the data into a data model and create charts and graphs to visuals of the data.

Power BI can also provide executive dashboards for administrators or managers, giving management more insight into how departments are doing.

  1. Powerful visual representation of data
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Hybrid deployment support (other data sources)
  4. Common data model support
  5. Cortana integration (support of devices)
  6. APIs for integration
  7. Self service data representation
Custom Announcements using Microsoft Powerapps

Key Featues:-

  • Announcements list configuations
  • Search facility to quick announcement search.
  • Any numbers of announcements user can display.
  • Email notification to capture the announcements.
  • Scrolling and Sorting facility to display all announcements at a time.
  • Add Edit and delete facility for the users.
Custom Flows on list using Microsoft Flows

Key Featues:-

  • Action on new created item and move list item to different list.
  • Added condition to check items value dynamic.
  • Added email notification on every step.
  • Update and remove list item from list dynamic.
  • Assigned approver and reviewer on list item.